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Long Hair American Bulldog

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Ps Dunington Bosshog is in the ped to.
MAby its just the coold but i downt know.

Rowland how are your dogs in teh coold English winter. You goot plenty of snow and ise ther to. Do they gett  thiker harder fur?

Hey Andreas,

The coats on the dogs that live outside definately do thicken-up a lot during the cold months.... so I wouldn't worry if your girl's coat is quite thick at this time of year.... and she definately doesn't look like one of those throwback "long-haired" ABs.

Apart from "long hair" there does seem to be quite a lot of variation in the coats of bulldogs.... some just have thicker fur than others.

Ok. Thank you rowland.

Forgot to ask: How is young Grisen coming along by the way Andreas?

I emalid you about her today. Some movies and pictures.

MVH Andreas


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