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I was wondering if someone could tell me anything about Long Hair in American Bulldogs?  How it happens, where it comes from, how bad it is etc.?  Thanks a lot.  I don't mean to bring up a sore subject or anything, or something that's been discussed a lot, I did a search though and couldn't really find anything.  Thanks again.


i have never heard of any,but with all the crap the jdj breeders add to there lines it would not surprise me to see one pop up.

ive seen a few in person.....

i think there are some pics in the archives somewhere as well........

found it.......;action=display;num=1078030892;start=3#3

I rescued a litter from south florida what was called pure bulldog. But they looked like maybe they had some saint in them or something. I know nothing of the lines or breeding but one of the pups owners keep in touch and she was hit by a car over the x-mas holiday. ???

This was her right before being killed.
I saw her twice while she was growing up and she was very much a bulldog but just a tad of extra hair.

I know long haired dogs are seen in a few lines (Turbo offspring, Boss x Quija offspring, Red machine offspring, etc.).  As far as the Red machine stuff, some say he was part St. Bernard, and some say a St. Bernard was used in one or more breedings, and Red Machine's name used to cover it up.  I think the latter is the truth, since not all lines from Red Machine produce long hair.  Johnson said he did not use St. Bernard, because they were not in the area.....  St. Bernards were once so prominent in north Georgia (JDJ lives in northwestern GA) that one college even used them as their mascot (North Georgia College Saints).  Now, someone on the Johnson board claimed JDJ didn't get out much and didn't know what a St. Bernard was.  Maybe that was it.....  Anyway, most of the long haired ABs I have heard about are down from Red Machine (or at least in the peds).  I wonder if somehow Red Machine is in some of the peds where long hair occurs, but he isn't in the ped?  I know Turbo came down from Red Machine through Woody, and Woody was one of the later Red Machine offspring, and IMO has some St. Bernard characteristics (in pics, in descriptions, etc.).  But what about the Boss Hog x Quija stuff?  I know Ralph C. had two long haired females in a litter once.  If I am not mistaken, it was a Hammer x Woman litter.  I know Country Boy is on both sides of that ped, though no known Red Machine in his ped.  Maybe Johnson had used St. Bernard previously?



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