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Author Topic: Ichthyosis-Please Read University trying to develop DNA Test-NEED YOUR HELP  (Read 8526 times)

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Please make a special effort to read the letter at the end of this segment from University of Pennsylvania ,
it could change this disease in our Bulldogs forever!

The University of Pennsylvania has offered to attempt developing a DNA test for our Bulldogs!

An effort that started out as an article for the ABR has now become a major project to benefit the Bulldog community.

I am also including a 8 Page Segment I have put together, if you would like to read it, it includes a
A Veterinarians Personal Experience Attempting to love, treat & make the humane decision for her Ichthyosis affected AB, Q & A, Pictures, My Accounts with the Disease

You can see 8 page article at


I would like to impress upon you how important this subject is to me. I am not a veterinarian, doctor or a geneticist. However, I am someone who wants to share my experience with this disease. I have had to deal with this disease due to my few experiences in breeding. I have seen it first-hand and always have been willing to share my experiences with others.

My passion is all about what is best for the dogs and my intention is not to offend any particular breeders or lineage

Fortunately, Gary Fuller (owner of American Bulldog Review) contacted and encouraged me to document and share my experience with Ichthyosis. He expressed to me that my experiences could benefit others and the Bulldog community. It has been difficult to relive those memories and share my naivety and inexperience of that time in my life, but thankfully he convinced me that writing an article to inform others about this disease would be paramount for the breed.

Ironically, at the time I started writing this article I was having my second experience with Ichthyosis.

Las Vegas Wrinkle Rescue was involved with a mass rescue effort involving twenty-three puppy mill survivors from Picketts Pride American Bulldogs in Houston . As soon as these dogs arrived, I started checking them over looking for Ichthyosis.

I was afraid that I would see some of the dogs affected with this disease. . Sadly my fears came true and once again I saw the damage this disease could do to a dog.

I then contacted Gary to inform him that I now had an immediate need to write this article and share my story.

Seeing this disease again motivated me to inform the Bulldog community and to try to reach out for help.

Thanks to Gary s motivation and my groundwork, I was able to contact some old connections and found someone that wanted to help our Bulldogs with this terrible disease.

The University of Pennsylvania has offered to attempt developing a DNA test for our Bulldogs!

An effort that started out as an article has now become a major project to benefit the Bulldog community.

I am asking you and everyone you know to get involved; we CAN make a difference in the breed we all love.

4. Hope for the DNA Test

Letter from the University of Pennsylvania

Dear American Bulldog owners,

Sporadic cases of a skin disease characterized by whole body dandruff have been documented by veterinary dermatologists in this breed.

This condition may be a form of Ichthyosis, a group of scaly skin disorders that are usually inherited. Affected dogs can lose their normal resistance to pathogens in the environment (bacteria, and yeast) and develop secondary skin infections. The skin appears dry, with large plate-like scale, and can become itchy.
Affected dogs shed skin cells throughout their surroundings similar to the childrens snow globe toys. Please note that this is a problem from birth and is usually noticed when the puppy is about 2-6 weeks of age.

At the University of Pennsylvania , School of Veterinary Medicine , we have been investigating a similar disorder in the Golden retriever. We believe both of these breed-related diseases are inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, meaning that both parents are responsible for passing on the disease without ever showing clinical signs.

We are interested in developing a genetic test for Ichthyosis in the American bulldog to help develop breeding programs to eliminate the disease from the breed without losing high quality breeding stock.

For this, we would need cheek swabs or blood samples from affected dogs and/or their parents to make DNA for these tests. We prefer blood samples but cheek swabs are often easier to obtain.

We also need samples from dogs in kennels that have not seen this condition and are very likely non-carriers.

If you have a bulldog with the following features and would be willing to help us find a method to diagnosis and eliminate this problem from this breed,
please contact our laboratory for a test kit which includes swabs, instructions, and forms to sign.

Severe scaling (dandruff) that was first noticed when the dog was less than one year of age (usually 6-8 weeks or earlier).
The scale is yellow-tan and is most noticeable on the abdomen.
The skin may be mildly reddened and appear wrinkled.
Prior examination by a veterinarian to rule out common skin conditions (e.g. mange, skin allergies).
If you own a parent of an affected dog.


For a test kit, please contact:

Margret Casal, Dr med vet, PhD, DECAR Elizabeth Mauldin DVM, DACVD, DACVP
casalml@vet.upenn.edu; 215-898-0029 emauldin@vet.upenn.edu; 215-898-8861

Appendix A Examples and Pictures

I have included some Pictures of the disease in 3 month old puppy.

I encourage people to contact the University if you own dogs that are known Carriers or possibly affected dogs. They will send you Kits for cheek swabs. It is all confidential.

If you have never seen the disease, and have a questionable litter of puppies, please feel to contact me with questions:

Candy 702-595-8009/whitebulldogz@msn.com
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